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Karen Gray, M. Ed, MEA

Professional Work

Together at the Top

I have worked in public education since 1999, serving children in a variety of capacities, including classroom teacher, instructional coach and building  and central office administrator. As an Educational Consultant I use my years of experience and growth mind set to support families, administrators and educators to  purposefully promote  the  academic and social emotional development of children. When stress is reduced in children, and learning is engaging the brain synapses begin firing and then and only then does academic, social and emotional development occur in school and at home.  My research based training in executive functioning comes through Harvard University.  My expertise in understanding executive functioning  paired with a mastery understanding of designing purposeful learning, I work directly with adults to design, reflect and implement strategies that facilitate children’s growth.

My expertise is in the area of supporting adults to design positive learning environments for children in school and at home. I focus on the systematic and operational change that needs to occur to ensure success for all. 

Testimonies, Questions and Achievements 

"You got top scores on the follow-up survey and everyone wants you back next year!  Your handout material was helpful, your suggestions for activities clearly articulated, demonstrated, and contextualized, and your supporting videos were on point and so engaging.   I have no doubt I will see your ideas being put into practice in every classroom – what a gift!" -Susan, Early Child Care Director

"Karen listened to my concerns about my child with an open ear. She then guided me through what questions I needed to ask he school to make sure I understood that my child was getting what he needed." - Anonymous, Parent

Hi Karen,  I participated in your play workshop Wednesday.  I just wanted to thank you for an excellent workshop with wonderful ideas that I have already taken back to my classroom. I have been teaching for 26 years and have seen what we do as educators change so much over the years. I am  glad to see the pendulum swinging back more in the direction of allowing children to learn and grow through play. I am invigorated and can't wait to try a learning experience in my classroom. One of our instructional coaches and I met a few weeks ago to begin this work after one of her first workshops with you. I have since tried a few provocations and loved them. I have been doing a lot of executive functioning work with my class this year as well, and was so happy to see how that all fits in with play. Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm.  -Tracy, Kindergarten teacher

Teachers in Meriden integrate play based learning into classroom

How do I know that Karen Gray Consulting is right for me?

I have  extensive experience in the public schools and working with families to focus on the importance of a positive, equitable climate and culture. I prioritize building relationships so that there is a high level of comfort and honesty.

What characteristics do you bring to the partnership?

I am a creative, innovative thinker. I am comfortable thinking outside of the box to achieve goals. After identifying the area(s) of need, my strength is to work backwards to design a plan for growth and development. Seeing the big picture and then strategically working alongside the adults is how I  impact  children's growth, academically and social emotionally.


Masters in Education (1999) and Administration (2005)

 Classroom teaching, Instructional Coach, Building and Central Office Administrator

Committee Member of HB 6880: Act requiring the incorporation of play based learning into the instructional school day

Head Start Leadership Training

Presented at CAS Leadership conference

Funded through LEGO foundation for statewide consulting

Member of State Department of Education working groups

Member of various equity groups

Executive Member of Readiness Collaborative

Featured in The Joy of Teaching, Gene Hall 

Featured in Inside School Turnaround, Laura Pappano

Graduate of "Adult Learning Theory Course"

Life Space Crisis Intervention Trained

Trainer of Data Driven Decision Making 

Institute of Learning Trained

Harvard Learning Academy: Designing Early Learning Environments and Experience

Collaborated with UConn Project SPARK (Gifted and Talented)

Reducing Children's Stress through Purposeful Play and Executive Functioning: Trained by Harvard Institute Graduate

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