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Kids in Preschool



Karen provided effective strategies to assist  me in developing working memory [in students]. She engaged the audience through hands on activities that helped me to truly understand the concepts.


Karen provided a great explanation to promote participant understanding. I enjoyed this presentation, she kept us all involved.


There  were several eye opening moments through this session. Karen spoke of situations of students demonstrating weaknesses in executive functioning so that I could picture what she was talking about. We see students like this in the classroom each and every day and now I feel more comfortable to help them.


Karen was patient. She heard my needs and desires for my children and helped me to ask the right questions to the school  to get my child's needs met. Karen helped me under the education system and what is possible.


Karen listened with intent and  understood what was needed to move the instructional practices. Karen has a professional manner, using the positive relationships she has established  to make change.

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